An MTR, John Holland and UGL Company

MTA is committed to moving Australia and its visitors – giving them the freedom to access diverse destinations – from places of work to exciting inner city events, from the inner stretches of the outback to the cooling breeze of the coast.

What we do goes beyond operating a rail network; we’re a committed community partner in enhancing the liveable and connected Australia. We shape and invest in communities through innovative solutions for an improved customer experience; through a digital future; through new opportunities in education, training and job creation.

MTA is a consortium of rail and construction businesses – all with unrivalled credentials – enabling us to draw on the strength and experience of MTR Corporation, John Holland Group and UGL Rail.

So whether we’re lending guidance and expertise to Metro Trains Melbourne – or delivering a new travel experience via the North West Rapid Transit system in Sydney – we remain committed to advancing the scope and performance of transport in Australia.